I’ve long been interested in the Future of Media—it’s in caps because it is an Important Issue Worth Pondering—so I was happy to work on this report about how media organizations are creating new types of journalism through virtual reality. The Knight Foundation generously funded the project, which was released at the StoryNEXT conference in Tribeca on October 23, 2015.

Since VR technology is so new, I reached out to top-notch journalists and technologists at organizations like BBC, Discovery, Emblematic Group, Frontline, Fusion, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post to ask them nosy questions like: What type of projects have you worked on? What type of challenges have you encountered? Are you using internal staff or outsourcing some of the work? How is reader engagement? Have you, ahem, been able to generate revenue? They were all incredibly gracious to share their time and experiences. You can check out the report here.

(Special thanks to the staff at Gannett Digital, including Mitch Gelman and Niko Chauls, for working on the report with me).