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The Long Way Home


This was a fun one: I wrote an essay for Outside about how my wife and I drove 10,000 miles around the country to scout out a new city to live in—and chose Pittsburgh. I think the Pathfinder looks good in front of the Tetons (although the black bag on top looks more like a bunch of Heftys than a Thule).

Hiking Maine’s Backcountry

2013-08-11 12.24.12Last summer, Mountain magazine sent me and my two youngest brothers on a three-day, two-night trip to the gorgeous backcountry of Maine. We hiked, ate, drank, canoed, and bunked with the very cool Maine Huts & Trails system. Somehow, we survived each other.

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Why I Hate Brunch

The case against a hackneyed waste of time and money.

(An essay from “Rise and Dine,” a March 2011 feature on Denver’s best breakfasts.)

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