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Earlier today, the City & Regional Magazine Awards finalists were announced. Big congratulations to all the writers, editors, and designers—a lot of very fine work was done this year. Great to see some smaller publications mixing it up with the big guys (I’m looking at you, Texas Monthly.)

CRMA, unfortunately, doesn’t post links to the actual stories, so I’ve hunted down the finalists in the narrative journalism categories: reporting, personality profile, feature story, and civic journalism. Wherever possible, I’ve linked to the single-page/print view, to make your Instapaper-ing/Pocket-ing that much easier. Enjoy.


The $53 Million Bamboozle,” by Bryan Smith, Chicago Magazine

The Collapse,” by Evan West, Indianapolis Monthly

The Identity Thief,” by Louise Farr, Los Angeles Monthly

In Plain Sight,” by Steven Mikulan, Los Angeles Monthly

The Innocent Man,” by Pamela Colloff, Texas Monthly (Part two here. Both parts of this story are amazing—it’s some of the finest writing/reporting I’ve read, period.)

Personality Profile

Jeanne Assam is Still Waiting,” by Robert Sanchez, 5280 (Congrats, Robert!)

Schoolly D is Living the American Dream,” by Jason Fagone, Philadelphia Magazine (And you too, Jason!)

Deconstructing Bob Cassilly,” by Jeannette Cooperman, St. Louis Magazine

Portrait of the Artist as as Postman,” by Jason Sheeler, Texas Monthly

The Passion of John Wojnowski,” by Ariel Sabar, Washingtonian

Feature Story

Spellbinder,” by Thomas Mullen, Atlanta Magazine

The Audition,” by Jennie Dorris, Boston Magazine (Disclosure: My wife is the writer of this piece, but I had absolutely no involvement in this story. Yes, I married up.)

Man or Beast?” by Jonah Ogles, Cincinnatti Magazine

Mean Kids,” by James Ross Gardner, Seattle Met

The Things They Leave Behind,” by Rachel Manteuffel, Washingtonian

Civic Journalism

Lawbreakers, Lawmakers,” by David Bernstein and Noah Isackson, Chicago Magazine

Why Did No One Save Jack?” by Steve Volk, Philadelphia Magazine (Congratulations to Phillymag for slaying the prestigious Civic Journalism category.)

The Revolution Will Be Televised,” by Steve Volk, Philadelphia Magazine

The Reckoning,” by Patrick Kerkstra, Philadelphia Magazine

Hannah and Andrew” and “Hannah’s Prayer,” by Pamela Colloff, Texas Monthly


(Photo above is of the Boston Harbor. Five points awarded if you can name the bar where it was taken.)

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